One-to-one Communication

Effective email marketing allows powerful relationships with your existing customer base to be developed, through using relevant and timely communication to build trust and loyalty. Getting this communication right is integral in keeping your customers coming back to you for more.
A one-size fits all marketing blast won’t deliver results. Consumers want tailored communications that are entirely relevant to them. That means data needs to drive the strategy, to ensure that your message reaches the right person with the right content at exactly the right time.
In a world where your inbox can be inundated with emails, we make sure that we craft messages that consistently resonate with your customers, to increase their long-term commercial value through repeat purchase as well as acting as unpaid brand ambassadors.

We Create Valuable Personal Touches at Scale

We always start with your objective, and build our strategy from there. Whether your goal is to drive sales, build loyalty, or just regularly inform your customers: we will blend creativity with data and expertise to create a communication plan focused on achieving those results

  1. Audit – We analyze your end-to-end customer communications, review your competitors, and use your historic data to understand exactly where opportunities lie. We build segmented, organically-created, databases with automated behaviour-based strategies to deliver the best return on investment by driving your customer engagement and loyalty levels.
  2. Implement – Using your current email service provider, CRM or setting you up from scratch, we will manage your campaigns from start to finish, including segmenting your database into relevant lists, creating bespoke, beautifully designed email templates, crafting engaging copy rich in call-to-actions and relevant links, and testing your campaign across every email client to ensure its overall success
  3. Analyze – We dissect each campaign to understand exactly what worked, what didn’t and what we need to refine, in order to improve your conversions, click-throughs and open rates, and simultaneously reduce your bounce rates and unsubscribes. We also set up A/B split testing to monitor the effect of different scenarios; subject lines, call to action, and content.
  4. Report & Refine – We gain insight from every campaign and refine and adapt our strategy to make sure that we deliver you the best results. We provide monthly reports for full transparency detailing the performance of each campaign, and tactical recommendations for the following month to constantly improve your customer communication programme to deliver commercial gain.