What are the benefits of our Reputation Management Services?

  • Improve your brand image online
  • Increase your credibility with potential customers
  • Highlight and promote client success stories
  • Repair a damaged online reputation
  • Outrank negative comments and reviews

Reputation Management Services

Customer Feedback & Review Campaigns

Actively requesting customer feedback and reviews is all part of good customer service. Our team will put a program in place to continually request client feedback which can then be harnessed in a variety of ways.

Net Promoter Score

Establishing how likely your customers are to recommend your products or services is key to understanding the reputation of your business and gives you a target for improvement.

Brand Name Monitoring

Monitoring brand mentions online is essential to be able to respond quickly to both positive and negative reviews and comments. The speed and how you handle comments says a lot about your business. Be on the front foot.

Responding To Reviews & Comments

Responding to every review & comment left, whether positive or negative is important. Our team works alongside you to stay on top of all the channels that these can come through. Via social media, forums, blogs or review platforms.

Negotiating Negative Review Removal

Negative comments are a part of life. In fact having 100% of your reviews as glowing testimonials can look suspicious. However, sometimes reviews and comments cross a line. Here we can negotiate with either the platform owner or the reviewer themselves to have these comments removed or edited.

Outrank Negative Online Comments

In some circumstances where it’s just not possible to remove comments the next approach is to outrank them with positive success stories. Using a mixed approach of content marketing and digital PR our team will seed information online that reassures potential customers about the value your business can offer.