There is so much debate on branded keywords when it comes to Pay-Per-Click Advertising. It is all about the differences in opinion on strategy, budget, and ethics.

However, PPC specialists have been dealing with the pros and cons of using branded keywords for a long time. Thus, for those who just starting in paid advertising, it can be a confusing experience.

To get an overview of why advertisers decide to use branded keywords in their campaigns, we’re going to have a look at both sides of the debate.

The Pros of Branded Keywords in PPC

First, let’s see what are branded keywords? Branded keywords are any keywords that include your brand name. As an example, “Tudiodev”, “Tudiodev services”, “why Tudiodev”, these are all considered brand keywords.

When you’re including brand keywords in your paid advertising strategy, you’re getting several benefits from it:

  • Improves the Quality Score of your Google AdWords account, which makes ads cheaper for you
  • Moves your ads to the top of the page in search
  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Improves your credibility
  • Gives you better control over PPC messaging

Some advertisers see that spending budget on brand keywords is wasteful, especially if their business shows up first in organic results. The hard part is even if you hold the number one spot in organic search, there could be up to four ads above you. And if they are competitors bidding on your brand keyword, then you could be losing business to them.
By bidding on brand keywords in PPC campaigns, you can assure your spot at the top – above the competition – while benefiting from additional traffic.

The Cons of Branded Keywords in PPC

There are a few instances where you would be at a disadvantage using branded keywords. For instance, if your brand keywords had no competition, this means no other brands are bidding on your brand keywords.

Here are a few disadvantages to brand keywords

  • Points away traffic from your organic search listing to a specific page
  • Requires you to keep spending in order to maintain top position

When you create ads, and they show above your organic listing, then you risk the chance someone clicks on your ad rather than your organic website page.

When you’re considering spending part of your PPC budget on brand keywords this means that you are making a commitment. However, if you decide to stop bidding on branded search terms, then you give competitors the chance to take your spot as well as your sales and leads.