Non-branded keywords, should you use them in your PPC advertising campaigns?

How do you know when it’s an excellent opportunity to use them?

Reasons to Use Non-Branded Keywords for PPC

First reason

Is to bring in more traffic; while using branded keywords can help increase conversations for middle- to bottom-of-the-funnel buyers. They do not capture any of the top-of-the-funnel customers–those who have the potential to become a new business.

If your brand isn’t known well yet, as a result, there aren’t enough searches using your brand keywords.

Hence you can use non-branded keywords to drive traffic, which often has a higher search volume. There are plenty of opportunities to drive more traffic with a non-branded search term.

Moreover, when people can discover you through non-branded search terms, it’s more likely they will later search for you via branded terms when they are closer to conversion.

The second reason

if you want to attract new customers and raise your brand awareness. The use of non-branded keywords in your PPC campaigns puts your brand in front of consumers who are looking for your product or service but may not know that you are selling them.
Even though your ads don’t convert, they help you raise awareness of your product – and that can help you move consumers through the funnel.

Last but not least, if you want to capture mid-and bottom-funnel customers.
Did you know non-branded keywords also work in these phases of the buyer journey? Yes, it’s possible as long as you match the right keywords to specific stages of the funnel.


Non-branded keywords create enormous possibilities for big and small brands. You can tap these search terms to help you increase traffic, increase brand awareness, and even reach users at each funnel stage. Non-branded paid ads, paired with branded PPC promotions, help you grow your business and reach new markets without losing your brand loyalists.