The interesting part about keyword research; is that we can learn about the words and phrases people are actually using when they search online. However, sometimes it can be extremely different from our expectations.
You may also assume that search engines put less importance on keywords than they used to. But it may also be important to examine those assumptions.

The reality is, keyword research remains important for SEO, and I would say that even the most important step in the whole process.

Here are a few reasons why it matters:

You Could Choose the Wrong Keywords

You might be using the wrong keywords for your businesses without keyword research. Research is one of the very first steps in the SEO process, and getting it wrong makes you disappoint.

Keyword research is very important for SEO because it allows you to see the volume and competition data for the keywords you think you want to use. Therefore, it also supports any changes you need to make to your chosen keywords going forward.

When you choose keywords that are not relevant to your page it is unlikely that visitors who click through will stay on the site.

Keywords Give Information about Your Pages

After you have completed SEO’s keyword research process, you can start assigning each page of your website with the best keywords. However, you must ensure that the selected keywords are important to the page and are used correctly.

For SEO, keywords are necessary because they help communicate what your page is about to search engines. All such keywords are incorporated to support your optimization efforts in different ways.

However, without the groundwork you will do with keyword research, you can’t determine the story of your page to search engines. It’s important!


Keyword research is still very important to both your search engine ranking and your success. Without it, the wrong keywords could be chosen resulting in little or no traffic to your sites. Instead, with it, you can start driving more visits to your website, involving more people, secure conversions and revenue, and most importantly to continually improve the ranking and the chances of attracting more and better audiences.