Digital marketing is a field that is constantly changing as innovation introduces new opportunities for marketers day after day. As well as keeping ahead of your rivals, your approach needs to change and evolve with technology. Trending strategies for digital marketing hold marketing on their toes seeking to find new and different ways to engage their customers.

Here are 4 marketing strategies you should be investing your energy for the upcoming years:

1.Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR)

Through VR and AR, you can improve brand engagement and help with pre-purchase decisions by bringing your products to life. By giving customers the variability to engage in more profound ways through immersive experiences.

Amazon as an example, who set up Oculus Rift VR allowing shoppers to experience a wide range of products. By empowering potential buyers to literally picture themselves owning products; VR addresses desires and pain points preemptively and significantly improves the experience of the customer.

Augmented reality can provide greater flexibility and scope. Through the integration of mobile apps when it is not possible to get users to a specific physical location. Through strategically implementing virtual or augmented reality; you have a unique opportunity to provide customers with the pre-purchase details they want. While reducing the effort they need to make in order to access it.

2.Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketers have hesitated to integrate artificial intelligence into their campaigns in the past. But as AI continues to be useful in simplifying data-based applications and improving user experience, it has increased confidence in it.

Chatbots can also be useful for making pre-purchase decisions easier. For example, Bing’s Business Bot, integrated in the results of the search, enables concerned users to have fundamental questions answered by the businesses around them. The bot refers them to a phone number if their question is not on the pre-configured list.
The bot also asks business owners technical questions based on what customers are searching for, in order to enable to address popular queries more easily in the future. Artificial intelligence allows you to help users better and faster over time by optimizing responses to match user needs.

3.Visual and Voice Search

Search moves beyond its text-only roots, which means that looking for visual and speech now deserves serious consideration. Think of visual search as a kind of reverse search, using photos instead of the other way around to locate text-based data.

Voice search is also continuing to grow as a way to reach more information for customers without even having to lift a finger. It makes everything easy just say the command, and it will respond to you with a lot of information. Domino’s did a good job here, working with Amazon Echo to allow customers to demand hands-free pizza. Allowing people to interact with you through voice search; enhances their lives and provides an opportunity to integrate brand personality and tone in the way you respond. The voice search dynamics also pose problems for digital marketers, who need to find out how to optimize for both devices and humans.

4.Vertical Video

Under a clear digital marketing focus shifting from the web to mobile, it should come as no surprise that mobile video advertising remains heavy. Competent advertisers use videos to engage their followers on projects as well as social platforms in-app.

Nonetheless, what’s different is the change toward more vertical footage. The trend continues with the recent introduction of IGTV by Instagram, enabling users to create long-form vertical videos. Although advertising is not (yet) available on IGTV, it’s a great place for brands to organically share their longer content.


Such new strategies for digital marketing make it easier for both consumers to reach when and where they are willing to buy and boost their post-purchase experience. Successful businesses know that capitalizing on emerging forms of content and innovation will enable them to attract new audiences in new fields of play.


Source: Marketo