Thursday 31 October, Google released Site Kit feature for all WordPress Users.

What is Site Kit?

Site Kit is a WordPress plugin that allows users to set up and control all Google services including Google Search Console, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, AdSense all to get insights in their WordPress dashboards. During the beta period, Site Kit demanded some advanced web development knowledge, along with similarities like Google Cloud Platform verification. However, the public launch Site Kit has been emphasizing on making the plugin easy for the users. Allowing them to verify ownership of a site without having to play in the site’s code. Yet data is just as helpful— it’s important what you do with the data.
For example, integration with PageSpeed Insights shows WordPress site owners how well their site performs in Chrome. And site owners who are trying to monetize through the ad network of Google can monitor their ad success by linking to AdSense.

What is new in the WordPress dashboard?

The following options are available for the new plugin users:

  • Site kit doesn’t require source code editing.
  • Users can also permit roles and individual permissions.
  • The main dashboard provides a high-level view of significant changes and how users are finding your site.
  • You can also enable PageSpeed Insights to “see whether page load time affects bounce rate.”

Above all, it is worth noting that much of this functionality is provided by many other third-party sites. But they often come with a subscription cost which allows the client to inject software into the backend of the site. Site Kit does not provide specific new features, as such, it is more about assembling features and making them easier to use. In conclusion, the fact that this plugin allows you to view your site performance through all various Google products at once; will provide WordPress users a new and easy dashboard experience without worrying about pulling data from these diverse sources.