While most large companies have content marketing programs and blogs, it is equally important for a small business or startup to incorporate a blog. But a website alone doesn’t always offer enough information, personality or authority to really stand out from the crowd. This is where a corporate blog can make a difference.

Indeed, blogging can be a great long-term traffic-building strategy for your new website. You can market your business, position your brand and expand your online presence using this simple and affordable marketing solution. Here are 5 reasons why businesses should have a blog:

Boost SEO

You must appear highly on search engine result pages in order to increase traffic to your website and be found by your intended audience (SERPs). Since the quantity of new content produced on your website and the number of indexed pages are taken into account when analyzing and ranking it, blogging may help you achieve this aim. Search engines index the page on your website every time you write and publish a new blog post, giving you a new opportunity to appear in SERPs and increase site traffic. Websites with blogs reportedly have 97% more indexed links and 434% more indexed pages than their rivals, according to Comalytics.

Update your audience on your company’s progress

A blog is a terrific tool to inform your audience about your business in addition to your corporate website. A blog gives you more freedom to communicate with clients and provide information in a way that reflects who you are as a person as well as your business, whereas a website may be more practical in substance and simple in tone.

Consider your blog as a direct line of communication. It serves as a forum for discussing your goods and services in-depth, disseminating pertinent news, and offering insightful commentary on current business trends while letting your brand personality emerge.

Helps you gain social awareness

A quick and easy approach to be found on social media is through blogging. Every time you publish a blog entry, you produce content that can be quickly shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. This exposes your business to potential customers who you might not even be aware of.

However, blog content supports your social media activity. You can simply highlight and link to current and pertinent blog pieces rather than attempting to come up with fresh ideas for social media material. While attracting new visitors, you’re also enhancing your social media profile. Win-win situation.

Develop Your Brand

With the use of a blog, you can add a human touch and demonstrate to your potential audience that they are more than just a number—two essential ingredients for keeping visitors on your site. Businesses can appear calculating and cold, but blogging enables you to offer value-added information that enables your target audience to comprehend why you decided to start a business and what makes your purpose and/or product reliable.

DemandMetric reports that 60% of consumers enjoy reading timely material provided by brands, 82% feel more favorably about businesses after reading their timely content, and 70% of consumers feel more closely connected to businesses as a consequence of the information that businesses produce. According to these figures, blogging is a great method to put your customers at ease and demonstrate the human side of business.

Make Your Audience Trust You

People trust the written word, and blogs increase trust in your company or initiative. Make sure your information is useful and factual, stimulate debates and knowledge exchange, and you will witness a rise in brand confidence!

Blogging is extremely important for businesses. Even when additional creative tools develop to promote your exposure and advance your services, the value of what a blog can accomplish for your brand does not lessen. Whatever your requirements are, a blog post is a crucial tool for increasing website traffic, expanding your audience, and attracting new prospects.